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  The number one taxi cabs in the area

מוניות ראשון    

ראשון לציון 
אסף הרופא ,נתב"ג

6545* מכל טלפון


Rishon Lezion Beer Yaakov 
Assaf Harofeh 
  Ben Gurion Airport  *6545

Taxi First 5 -03-9617771 multi-line
First Taxi initial carrier Airport and back
Travel to the airport without luggage fee
Available 24 hours at the airport
• travel to all parts of the country .
* All taxis are equipped with normative awnings *
• collecting and distributing packages.
• collecting and distributing workers.
• Taxi linked as a whole .
• Travel with animals .
 Receiving guests at the airport
 * Come Join the hundreds of satisfied customers *
First we had the exclusive taxi at Assaf Harofeh Hospital
Taxis Sunday at work and at home.
Collecting and distributing workers credit for companies and institutions
Rehovot, Ness Ziona , Ramle, Lod , Yavne , and the environment
Unbeatable Service
First taxis reputation in rapid arrival and service to customers
* Business license legally and illegally conducting Books *
Taxi inspectors checking safety officer once a month
Largest and oldest station in Rishon Lezion reputation for 60 years of service and reliability above all
Get you a taxi 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
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ראשון לציון
באר יעקב -נס ציונה 
רוטשילד 31, ראשון לציון
זלמן שניאור 16, ראשון לציון
אסף הרופא
שדה התעופה בן גוריון
ראשון לציון  באר יעקב 
טלפון:  03-9617771-5
שיווק: 052-4570899
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